Terms & Condition

Contingent upon the area and timing, you may discover diverse costs for similar rental cars. Costs are liable to change. The accompanying components can influence the expansion in costs. Here is the detailed list:

  • The ascent of Taxi charges can cause changes in cost.
  • The fast increment in fuel costs can affect cost in overall journey.
  • If the customer cancels the trip, full expense applies and has to be bear by a customer.
  • Prices can change in case there is a redirection, or the customer is arriving late. This is result in extra surge charge based on availability.
  • Waiting time causes incur of:
  • For First ten minutes, it would be free on every trip.
  • From 10 minutes to 15 minutes charges would cost around ten dollars.
  • From 15 minutes – 30 minutes charges would cost around twenty-five dollars.
  • From 30 minutes – 60 minutes charges would cost around fifty dollars.
  • Travel from global flights will draw in a parking duty of fifteen dollars per trip since there are additional costs involved in parking.
  • Pickups from local flights draw in a parking duty of five dollars
  • Child chair, infant containers, and promoter seats draw in a fifteen dollars extra charge.
  • There is 1.5 times the normal rate if a car is used for some business purpose and has more than five clients; dial us to know more.
  • A full discount is accessible if the customer's desire of administration is not fulfilled like if the driver neglects to trip, arrives late, we ensure a special state of administration in such cases.
  • Twenty Percent additional charge applies on pickups between night times between 10 to 5.
  • Twenty Percent additional charge applies on holidays.
  • Special exchanges (NBA, Grand Prix, Boxing day Test and so forth.) cost will be applied at an exceptional rate, hence dial a customer care for the exact price before riding.
  • Payment via credit or any such card pulls in administration expense once billing is done.
GST EXCLUSIVE (Please take note of, any electronic payment technique pulls in GST)

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Please Note : The Prices mentioned on our website are for Luxury Sedans Only. The Price for SUV, Mercedes People Mover MPV, Mini Buses and Buses are different.

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